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Unite with the John Gray Recyclers to Preserve our World's Environment

JGR Past Activities/Photos - 2
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John Gray Recyclers - 2003 Cayman Islands Heritage Float - Page 2
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JGR Past Activities/Photos - 2
JGR Past Activities/Photos - 1
Protect our environment with us today!
Children of the World unite to preserve our Natural Heritage and Culture

Float made out of six pack holders tied together
to make a net - 2002 Float Parade

Grabbit waving to his admirers!

Our Principal helping us with float preparation.

Mrs Yarde and Anthony working on float - Iggy giving instructions!

Above is our preparation for Pirates' Week Float Parade - October 2000 and below is our preparation/participation in Pirates' Week Float Parade - October 2001

 Don't Spoil with Oil - kindly painted by Mark Fraser

Save the Environment for Us

Pirates' Day 2001 Float Parade - Saturday, 27 October 2001 The theme for our 2001 float was "Don't Spoil with Oil". We worked with the Department of Environmental Health, CUC and Texaco to show what oil recycling takes place in the Cayman Islands at the current time and how important it is to recycle. For more information about our float please sea our Activity/Photo page 2.
Our banner which shows Dept of Env Health, CUC, Texaco and John Gray Recyclers working together to keep the environment clean


Despite the rain we tried very hard to convey to the people watching, the importance of oil recycling to protect our environment.
Iggy, the Cayman Islands' Recycling symbol and Sparky, representing CUC wave to the crowds from our float
Float in action and still raining!
Mrs Whitehead with Mrs Montgomery DoEnvHealth helping to prepare the float
Anthony busy doing float decoration
Starting to decorate our 2001 float
Our Second Float
 Anthony creating Reefy
Anthony creating Reefy Earth Day 2002
Iggy and the Foster's clown Cocoa with Slick
Iggy and Cocoa with Slick

World Environment Day 2002 - Our used oil promotion at the Fosters' Supermarket by the Airport.

Foster's Clown, Iggy, Grabbit and Recyclers
Turtle and friends!
Below is our Christmas Club photo 2002
Telephone directory recycling - January 2003 We collected over 600 telephone books for recycling