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Unite with the John Gray Recyclers to Preserve our World's Environment

About our Recycling/Environmental Club
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Find out how you can help the Grand Cayman Blue Iguana - the earth's most endangered lizard
2008 - Earth Day School Clean up
The Demise of Coral Reefs - by John Gray Recycler Katherine Whitehead
Visit the John Gray Recyclers' Organization Website - Join to Preserve the World's Environment
Dive In and Unite with the John Gray Recyclers to Preserve our Heritage
Plastic Six Pack Holder Recycle with the John Gray Recyclers - 2006 - 2007
Earth Day - 2007 - Joint School Clean Ups - Cayman Islands
Earth Day 2007 - John Gray Recyclers Earth Day Sale
Coral Reef/Mangrove Preservation at Barkers' National Park - 2006
John Gray Recyclers Fiji, YasawaIRara Preservation of Culture, Flora & Fauna Project
John Gray Recyclers Seacology Micronesia - Preservation of Culture & Coral Reef Protection Project
John Gray Recyclers' Grand Cayman Seacology Park Project
John Gray Recyclers' Seacology Fiji Naikorokoro Project
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Summary of Cayman Islands Marine Conservation Laws
Cayman Islands Recycling Information
John Gray Recyclers HiCone Plastic Six Pack Recycling
Plastic Recycle with the John Gray Recyclers 2005/6
Lighthouse School joins Hi-Cone Recycling Programme with JGR
John Gray Recyclers Act to Preserve Grand Cayman endangered Turtles and Blue Iguanas - 2004
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Environmental Sites a Must to Visit - Unite with JGR to preserve our World's Oceans/Seas
John Gray Recyclers' Grand Cayman Seacology Park Project - Before the wrath of Ivan
John Gray Recyclers' Grand Cayman Seacology Park Project - After the wrath of Ivan
Celebrate World Ocean Day with the John Gray Recyclers
Celebrate World Environment Day with the John Gray Recyclers
Celebrate Dive In to Earth Day with the John Gray Recyclers - 2003 - 2006
John Gray Recyclers help fund Stephen Jared Youth Centre
John Gray Recyclers find that Pollution is destroying our World's Coral Reefs!
Marine Circulation of Garbage is destroying our World's Environment
Cayman Islands' Seacology Representative Jeremy Forbes talks on the 'Life and Strife of Coral Reefs'
Enjoy/Don't Destroy (Young Children's page)
Follow the Coral Code/Don't Spoil with Oil
Unite with the John Gray Recyclers and Protect our World's Coral Reefs from Destructon!
Turtle tracking of Cayman Islands' turtles
The Cayman Turtle Farm
John Gray Recyclers' Pledge to Protect our Grand Cayman Blue Iguanas - 2004
John Gray Recyclers in the News - 2006
John Gray Recyclers in the News - 2004/2005
Oil Recycle with the John Gray Recyclers
Paper/Can Recycle with the John Gray Recyclers
Telephone Book Recycling with the John Gray Recyclers - 2002/3
Pirates Week Float Parade - 2003 - John Gray Recyclers act to Preserve Cayman Islands' Heritage
John Gray Recyclers - 2003 Cayman Islands Heritage Float - Page 2
CCMI Summer Camp, Little Cayman
School environmental activities
About our Recycling/Environmental Club
JGR Past Activities/Photos - 2
JGR Past Activities/Photos - 1
Protect our environment with us today!
Children of the World unite to preserve our Natural Heritage and Culture


John Gray Recyclers' Logo
John Gray Recyclers' Logo
Dive In Give Earth A Chance
Dive In Give Earth A Chance with the JG Recyclers
with the John Gray Recyclers
Our Committee for 2001 - 2002 who introduced the
Our Committee for 2001 - 2002
John Gray Recyclers' Website to the rest of the globe
2001 - 2002 - Seated representing the Community: Sheril McField our President and Secretary, Alem Morgan our Treasurer. At the back representing John Gray High School: Lawren Fullerton our Chairperson, Mrs Christine Whitehead - John Gray Recyclers' Co-ordinator, Anthony Fraser our Website Co-ordinator
The John Gray Recyclers Recycling/Environmental Club was formed in September 1996 by concerned students from the John Gray High School, and our teacher Mrs Whitehead. They were active recyclers that cared about their environment. This club met initially once a week.
The John Gray Recyclers' aim has been to promote active recycling in the Cayman Islands and to help keep the Cayman Islands the beautiful paradise that it is for ourselves and our visitors. We hope very much that we will be able to encourage everyone to take great care of the environment so that it does not become destroyed. Many coral reefs have/are being destroyed throughout the world and we want to unite with other children/people throughout the world to try and stop this terrible destruction.
We have worked on various activites organised by the Department of Environmental Health and the Education Department.
We have participated in Science Fairs and an Art Recycling Workshop held by an Artist from Maine. We had our artwork on display at the opening of the Cayman Islands' National Art Gallery. We have artwork currently on display in the classroom that we use for our recycling activities as well as our Science Fair projects.
We had a recycling booth at the annual Agricultural Society Show in order to promote active recycling.
We hold regular beach clean ups and regularly clean a beach in North Side that becomes polluted when north easterly/westerly winds bring garbage onshore. We found a vial on this beach that had been placed in the sea near Cuba as part of a pollution dispersal/marine life study by a United States marine research team. Since then we have been very interested in pollution dispersal due to ocean currents and the gulf stream, as well as other factors. When we do a beach clean up, we always check to see what type of garbage we have found and its origin.
We hold Earth Day activities every year and also participate in the World Environment Day organised by the United Nations. The United Nations have signed our guest book and are pleased that we have started celebrating this very special day in the Cayman Islands.
We have participated in four Pirates' Day Parades in succession, having won two second place and two third places. Two years in succession we have distributed 1,000 leaflets about active recycling.
We have placed a question on the UK Overseas Territories Conservations A Breath of Fresh Air Forum about the littering of reefs and shores by marine dispersal of garbage. We have links to the Cayman Islands Department of Environment, the National Trust, and the Turtle Farm. We have been spotlighted in the Lead Stories page of the Cayman News 27 website. We were also spotlighted in the October 2002 edition of Whats Hot.
Our theme for 2002 was 'Dont Spoil with Oil' and we educated others of the importance of protecting our coral reefs and our environment through our website and our activities.
Following this we concentrated on plastic six pack holders and how if they end up as garbage they can kill our marine life. We now collect six pack holders and return them to Bodden Beverages for recycling. We have also concentrated on the protection of the Grand Cayman Blue Iguana. We have also created two songs about the Importance of the Protection of our Environment and these are on the  Coral Reef Alliance Website, organised by UNEP.
2005 - Thank you the Seacology Foundation for giving us the wonderful opportunity to be able to preserve Coral Reefs in Fiji and Micronesia, and for our Grand Cayman Seacology Project at the Agape Worship Centre in South George Town. Also, our congratulations go to Jeremy Forbes our President, of the last three years, on becoming the Cayman Islands' Seacology Representative.
Website information - we now have over 4,000 global visitors a month and our visitors are growing ... together we will preserve the world's environment
North Side Tourism Beach Clean Up October 2000
North Side Tourism Beach Clean up October 2000 - Priscilla 'Grabbit' in action
Priscilla 'Grabbit' in action
Priscilla "Grabbit" cleaning a beach of garbage at North Side. This beach becomes polluted by garbage due to north westerly/easterly winds that bring the garbage onto Cayman's shores from other parts of the world and the sea!
Pirates' Day Float Parade 2000 as described by the "Caymanian Compass"
Iguana Ted
"A libidinous iguana was one of the main attractions at this year's John Gray Recyclers float. The Iguana had the Pirates Week crowd roaring with laughter at his antics.

A group of students from the John Gray High School recently worked alongside Department of Environmental Health staffers to put together a Pirates Week float which emphasised the importance of recycling.
The group, known as the John Gray Recyclers, was founded in September 1996 by concerned students and their teacher, Mrs Christine Whitehead. Since then, youngsters from the government high school have taken part in science fairs, beach clean-ups and workshops. However, their involvement with Pirates Week only started last year, when they won a second-place prize.
This year's entry picked up a third-place award, with a float theme, "Enjoy, Don't Destroy: Recycle." More than 21 students took part in the effort.
The team is already looking forward to next year and wants to promote even more active recycling in the Cayman Islands, according to Mrs Whitehead. (GIS)"
- 'The Caymanian Compass' Tuesday, 21 November 2000
Paper Woman Float 2000
John Gray Recyclers 1998
Our Recycling Club meeting with the School Inspectors
Recycling with a school inspector Summer 1999
We first created Reefy as part of our exhibition in the Science Fair in February 1998.
Reefy our mascot
John Gray Recyclers in Pirates' Week Float Parade October 2000
Annie getting ready!

Mrs Garbage and Garbage Pirate Float 2000