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Year 11 John Gray Recyclers Act to Preserve our Heritage
Our Action Plan to help protect coral reefs and marine life from destruction
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 Our Action Plan
Here we are six pack holder recycling to help save
 Here we are plastic six pack holder recycling
our Marine Life from destruction.
Our Year 11 team has been in touch with Hi-Cone in the United States to see if other schools in the Cayman Islands could join their "Ring Leader Recycling Programme" with us.  We have just received recycling trees like the one we have in the picture. The Department of Environmental Health fully support our project and Shannon will be coming to the schools with us when we go. 
Plastic Six Pack Holders saved will then be given to Bodden Beverages for their Reuse and any left over will be sent to the Hi-Cone Plant in the United States for Recycling..
It's great to think that we are actually able to recycle plastic because we have learned through our project that the oceans are full of harmful plastic marine debris
JGRecyclers create Artwork - Barkers Marine Debris
JG Recyclers Artwork Created from Barkers' Marine Debris to show the Importance of Plastic Recycling