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Year 11 John Gray Recyclers Act to Preserve our Heritage
Contact us and join us with our Coral Preservation Work
Home | Alert - Coral Reefs/Marine Life are being killed by harmful marine debris! | How Can We Preserve Our Coral Reefs? | Guess What - Turtles have an inbuilt sensing of magnetic fields to help them with their migration? | Alert - Turtles migratory paths follow gyres and ocean currents full of marine debris | Our Action Plan to help protect coral reefs and marine life from destruction | Beautifying Barkers/Preserving our Heritage | We show Shannon the Dumping/Littering/Marine Debris Problems | Barkers is Overflowing with Marine Debris/Litter - We need help! | How Can We Solve the Problems at Barkers? Our Action Plan | How are we Preserving Barkers/Our Blue Iguanas? Our Action Plan | Information about Quincy, our adopted Baby Blue Iguana | Preserving our Coral Reefs and Marine Life by Hi-Cone Plastic Six Pack Holder Recycling | Barkers Is Beautiful Once More - Thanks to Shannon and her DEH team | Contact us and join us with our Coral Preservation Work
 Our Coral Preservation work is ongoing
 Our John Gray Recyclers' Year 11 Team

We are seeking sponsorship for our projects. If you are able to assist us please contact us at the email below or at the John Gray High School in Grand Cayman. Telephone (345) 9499444 and ask for Mrs Whitehead our Co-Ordinator.