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Year 11 John Gray Recyclers Act to Preserve our Heritage
Beautifying Barkers/Preserving our Heritage
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 Beautiful Barkers - We Must Preserve Our Heritage

We visited Barkers, our first National Park to see if marine debris was causing a harmful problem. When we visited we found that it was not only marine debris but harmful dumping in the dykes and roadsides and littering on the beaches and roadsides. We decided that we must take immediate action in raising awareness of this serious problem and decided to actively participate in a Programme of Clean Ups to Beautify Barkers. We did two clean ups before Christmas, and after our Presentation to Ms Shannon McKenzie of the Department of Environmentl Health, of the problems we found, we went with her to show her the problems. We then spent the month of February on Sunday afternoons cleaning this area, and studying what we found at the same time. We also met with Ms Fadey Powery, from the West Bay Beautification Committee at the Department of Environmental Health to discuss the problems that we had found. She said that she would support us in any way possible and that it was the West Bay Beautification Committee that had placed the one bin at the 'Public Beach' at Barkers.
We are now going to show you what we found and how we decided to resolve this problem.

 Barkers is Overflowing with Garbage
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