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Seacology Fiji Project - Our visit July 2004

The festivities at the Opening Ceremony
Inside the Naikorokoro Kindergarten
Suva and Nadi
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Laselase - The Opening Ceremony for the Community Centre
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 Kindergarten Opening 7 July 2004
Opening of Naikorokoro Kindergarten - 7 July 2004
It was a wonderful experience to be able to visit the kindergarten and be present for the Opening Ceremony.  We were joined by Mr Duane Silverstein, Executive Director of the Seacology Foundation, and other executive members of Seacology, as well as the villagers of Naikorokoro and Ovalau.
We would lilke to thank Mr Duane Silverstein, and the Seacology Foundation, for giving us this unique Seacology Project in Naikorokoro, Ovalau.
We would also like to thank our Sponsors for donating to this wonderful cause. Without our Sponsors we would not have been able to contribute towards the building and equipping of the Naikorokoro Kindergarten.The John Gray High School Home/School Association/IBM very kindly donated a new computer, with special young children keyboard and software for the kindergarten. 
Kirks Office Supplies very kindly donated a printer to be used with the computer. Sounds & Things donated books and educational games,
the Pirates' Week Float Committee donated tee shirts for the villagers.
Chantal Pearson, a John Gray Recycler, presented a beautiful painting of Grand Cayman to the villagers (painted by herself) and this was also placed in the kindergarten along with a plaque from the John Gray Recyclers/High School commemorating the occasion.

The Seacology Foundation
The Seacology Foundation

Visit Seacology and find out more about the wonderful work they do.

 Chantal, Cheyenne and Cathrine in Los Angeles
Chantal, Cheyenne, and Cathrine at the Four Points Hotel in Los Angeles

 Four Points Hotel, Los Angeles

Cayman Airways very kindly sponsored our flight from Grand Cayman to Miami.  We then travelled to Los Angeles where we stayed overnight in the Four Points Sheraton Hotel.  Whilst waiting for our overnight flight to Fiji the girls, ourselves and Mrs Thompson (whom we fondly call Mrs T), went to explore the shopping sights of Los Angeles.  The girls were very excited as they met a famous rapper.

The Famous Los Angeles Smog
The famous Los Angeles Smog

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