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Seacology Fiji Project - Our visit July 2004


The festivities at the Opening Ceremony
Inside the Naikorokoro Kindergarten
Suva and Nadi
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Laselase - The Opening Ceremony for the Community Centre
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 Opening Ceremony
Jeremy, Mrs Whitehead, and Duane Silverstein are seated at the front of the Ceremony.
Mrs Thompson, Mr Whitehead, Chantal, Cathrine, and Cheyenne are seated in the row behind with the Directors of Seacology and their guests. Chantal's Mum and Dad, Zonia and David, are kindly filming and taking photos for us so that we could be part of the Ceremony. Saula (the Fiji representative) told us that normally only Kings and Queens attend ceremonies such as we did and that we had been requested to attend because the Chief and Villagers were overwhelmed with our assistance with the building cost and equipment for the kindergarten. We have our sponsors to thank for this!
We travelled overnight from Los Angeles (over the Equator, and the International Date Line. It was very exciting!). We lost a day, and arrived at around 6 00 am in the morning Fiji time. We then travelled across the main island to Suva, went round the Fiji museum, then travelled to get a plane to the island of Ovalau, arriving at around sunset that day! So we did a lot of travelling!


More pictures to come!

The festivities at the Opening Ceremony