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Seacology Fiji Project - Our visit July 2004

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The festivities at the Opening Ceremony
Inside the Naikorokoro Kindergarten
Suva and Nadi
YasawaIRara - page 1
YasawaIRara - page 2
Laselase - The Opening Ceremony for the Community Centre
Contact Us - View our Sponsors
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Our Sponsors

We would like to thank our sponsors - Air Pacific, Cayman Airways (our national flight carrier), Pastor Al Ebanks, and the Agape Family Worship Centre, the Bank of Butterfield, Cathy Church's Underwater Photo Centre & Gallery, Cayman General Insurance Co Ltd, Cayman Imports Ltd, the Cayman Islands' Department of Environmental Health, , the Cayman Islands' Department of Tourism, the Cayman Islands' Ministry of Education, Human Resources and Culture, the Cayman Rugby Enthusiasts, Crusader International Management (Cayman) Ltd, CUC,  Dresdner Bank, Island Paving (1985) Ltd, Kirks Office Supplies, KPMG, the Pirates Week Committee, the Rotary Club of Grand Cayman Central, Sounds & Things, and the Queensgate Bank & Trust Co. 

We now have a new Fiji project. Whilst in YasawaIRara we found the need for a very important project to help Villagers and Children in Need, protect their Coral Reefs, Flying Foxes, and their wonderful unique Culture at the same time.
Under the leadership of Saula Vodonalvalu, the Seacology Foundation Representative and Laiseana Tuidriva, we are commencing our fundraising in January 2005.
Unfortunately Hurricane Ivan halted our fundraising earlier but he will not stop us from proceeding in the New Year!

For more information about our Fiji Project and to Donate please contact us at the email address below:

Dive In - and visit our John Gray Recyclers' Website