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Seacology Fiji Project - Our visit July 2004

Inside the Naikorokoro Kindergarten

The festivities at the Opening Ceremony
Inside the Naikorokoro Kindergarten
Suva and Nadi
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Laselase - The Opening Ceremony for the Community Centre
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 We are in the Kindergarten with the Children
We are in the Kindergarten with the Children

The kindergarten is absolutely beautiful, and thanks to our Sponsors we were able to set up the Computer and printer, and watch the children as they learned how to do their English and Mathematics with the Computer. It was so wonderful to watch them do something that was so new to the whole village. Many of the villagers had not seen a computer before. Cathrine holds a young child, while Chantal, Jeremy and Cheyenne are busy looking after the students.

More pictures to come, especially of the beautiful Computer and Printer and the children and villagers seeing them and using them for the very first time!

Suva and Nadi