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Unite with the John Gray Recyclers
Life and Strife of Coral Reefs
Pollution is destroying the world's coral reefs!
Unite and protect our world's coral reefs from destructon!
Enjoy/Don't Destroy (Young Children's page)
Marine Circulation of Garbage
Follow the Coral Code/Don't Spoil with Oil
Cayman Islands' Marine Parks Rules
Summary of Cayman Islands Marine Conservation Laws
Turtle tracking of Cayman Islands' turtles
The Cayman Turtle Farm
Plastic Recycle with the John Gray Recyclers
Oil Recycle with the John Gray Recyclers
Paper /Can Recycle with the John Gray Recyclers
Telephone Book Recycle with the John Gray Recyclers
Our Pledge to Protect our Heritage
Protect Our Heritage - Sponsor a Baby Blue Iguana
Protect our Heritage (continued)
Our Cayman Islands' Seacology Park Project
Urban Park Continued
Stephen Jared Ebanks Youth Centre
Dive In to Earth Day
World Environment Day
Environmental Sites a Must to Visit
Recycling Sites a Must to Visit
CCMI Summer Camp
School environmental activities
About our Recycling/Environmental Club
JGR Past Activities/Photos - 1
JGR Past Activities/Photos - 2
Children Of The World unite
Protect our environment with us today!
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John Gray Recyclers' Logo

Welcome to the John Gray Recyclers' Website

Children of the World

Children of the World Unite

 Introducing Plastic Recycling
Introducing Plastic Recycling into the Cayman Islands
(Our club is based at the John Gray High School in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands.
Our club members are students of the John Gray High School and young people
in the community of Grand Cayman)
Marlon engineering and recording our Rap Version 2
 Moses engineering and recording our Rap Version 2
"Da Recycle Vision"

Cheyenne, Nikita and Marlon recording our Rap
Our rap "Da Recycle Vision" 2 recorded by Moses
"Da Recycle Vision" Version 2 engineered and recorded by Moses

Click to Listen to our Rap

Click the picture to visit our online Journal.
Visit our BLOG our online Weekly Journal
Let's Preserve Our Coral Reefs

Cayman Fireworks (CCMI Sea Camp) Shirley J Brown

Click on the beautiful picture of Coral taken by Shirley J Brown, at the CCMI Sea Camp in Little Cayman, to obtain more information on how you can help to protect the world's coral reefs. (Shirley named her picture "Cayman Fireworks")

Sheril, Lawren and Anthony working out the script!

The John Gray Recyclers' Pledge

Click above to listen to our taped pledge as played on Radio Vibe 98.9

We, the John Gray Recyclers, pledge to increase the public's awareness of the importance of the protection of the ocean and the world's coral reefs.  We believe that we must all take action to conserve the ocean to sustain the wonderful web of life on our planet Earth.

Dive in with the John Gray Recyclers and listen to Kimberly Powell's Coral Reef song "Let's Preserve Our Coral Reefs" that she composed and sings beautifully.

Click for Kimberly's song

Thanks Kimberly for your beautiful Coral Reef Song
Kimberly with 'Slick'
Kimberly Powell with 'Slick' our 'Don't Spoil With Oil' Club mascot made from marine debris

Coral Reef Preservation at Barkers National Park
 Cathrine and Melissa planting a mangrove
Cathrine and Melissa clean away marine debris and plant an uprouted mangrove stump - February 2004
Children of the World Unite
  • Let's all join together to help raise money for the much needed kindergarten in Naikorokoro, a remote village in the island of Ovalau in Fiji.  This will not only help to build the kindergarten but will also help to save their coral reefs. 
  • How?  Please read below and contact us so that you can join in this very special activity!
Coral Reef Islands
Our stipend of one thousand pounds sterling has been used to further our project on the conservation of coral reefs worldwide. This donation will assist the Seacology Foundation in providing a kindergarten in Fiji, a Commonwealth Country. This will in turn help to preserve Fiji's coral reefs. How? For more information please click on the Seacology logo. You will find out all the wonderful things that Seacology does to help island cultures and coral reefs around the world. We will continue to raise money for this project and hope that you will join us in this exciting venture. We can be contacted at
Seacology Foundation logo
Commonwealth Youth Services' Award presentation

The John Gray Recyclers, involved in the Commonwealth Youth Services Award project, receiving their medallions and certificates from the Minister of Youth and Sports, the Honourable Dr Frank McField, and the presentation of the cheque for one thousand pounds sterling to Mr Duane Silverstein, the Executive Director of the Seacology Foundation. This event took place at Pedro Castle in February 2003.


What a Wonderful World danced by Kim Wilken
A very talented Kim Wilken performing "What a Wonderful World" at the Harquail Theatre in the Cayman National Festival of the Arts - Friday, 4 April 2003
Children of the World Unite
It is indeed a Wonderful World! Laura Mabbott, a teacher in California and her students have raised US$3,500.00 towards the Fiji project. We have also raised this amount (including our Commonwealth Youth Award). To date - Together - we have raised US7,000.00 towards the kindergarten in Naikorokoro, in Ovalau. We would like to thank our sponsors - CUC, Dresdner Bank, KPMG, the Bank of Butterfield, Queensgate Bank & Trust Co, the Cayman Rugby Enthusiasts, the Department of Tourism and Island Air.

Protect our environment with us today!

Above is a link to our page on uniting to protect the environment. Below is a link to an essay Jeremy, our President, has composed about the threats of pollution to the world's coral reefs. Please check out our other pages on our website and join us with our projects. For more information about our projects please contact Mrs Chris Whitehead, Recycling Co-ordinator at John Gray High School or Jeremy Forbes, President, of the John Gray Recyclers or contact us at
The John Gray Recyclers would like to thank the Seacology Foundation for giving us a unique opportunity to join with other children to help protect the world's coral reefs. Our thanks also go to Seacology for our Grand Cayman Park project. You can link to Seacology from our Park picture below.

 Let's work together to keep our earth clean.

Littering destroys!

'Grabbit', the crab, is our symbol in the Cayman Islands for keeping our islands free of litter and clean.


The Cayman Islands' blue iguana is the Recycling Symbol for the Cayman Islands

 A Cayman Iguana, protected by law.  Click on this picture to take you to the Cayman Islands' National Trust website.

The Cayman blue iguanas on our islands, like our turtles, are also protected by law. This iguana is eating a hibiscus flower. Just one of the many beautiful, colourful flowers found on our islands. Please click on this blue iguana picture to go to the Cayman Islands' National Trust's website and find out even more about our blue iguanas and other protected species.
Below is a picture of the John Gray Recyclers giving a donation to Dr Mat Cottam of the National Trust to adopt and name a baby blue iguana. We called our iguana "Quincy" as 2003 was our Quincentennial Year. This money will be used to pay for Quincy's living expenses for one year.  The Blue Iguanas are an endangered species. There are only just over 20 of these iguanas in the wild so please support this very important cause!
John Gray Recyclers interact with Dr Mat Cottam
 John Gray Recyclers interact with Dr Cottam
Melissa signs 'B' for Baby Blues to Lediria who is hearing impaired after an inspirational talk
Remember - Let's unite!
 Together we can make a difference!
Together we can make a difference!
We can preserve our coral reefs
and our endangered Cayman Blue Iguanas
 Children of the World unite!

Children of the World Unite
Remember us and please visit again!
Remember us and please visit again!

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