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Agape Family Worship Centre, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

(Thank you the Seacology Foundation from the John Gray Recyclers for your grant of US$20,000.00 towards the Stephen Jared Ebanks Youth Centre - Link to the Seacology Foundation website)

The Stephen Jared Ebanks' Youth Centre

Pastor Al Ebanks and others in our Community start to build a much needed Youth Centre at the Agape Family Worship Centre in George Town
First stage of the Stephan Ebanks Community Centre
A safe, nurturing environment for young people in the Community of George Town is now under construction.  Some of the John Gray Recyclers are involved in this project.  They are helping with the building of the Centre and are also raising money to help Pastor Al Ebanks to create the Youth Centre that Stephen envisioned.

Pastor Al Ebanks with some of the young children
Pastor Al Ebanks with the children
who will benefit from the Youth Centre

Pastor Al Ebanks at work
Pastor Al Ebanks at work
Melissa, Jeremy, and Pastor Al with Duane
Duane Silverstein, Executive Director, of the Seacology Foundation and the JGR,Melissa Brown, and Jeremy Forbes, with Pastor Al Ebanks - exploring the building of the much needed Youth Centre and the beautiful grounds surrounding it, which are being made into a Park in memory of Stephen.
Please follow our link below to see some beautiful pictures of the Park area and find out more about the Park.
You will also find links to Cayman Wildlife Connection and the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park

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