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Unite with the John Gray Recyclers
Follow the Coral Code/Don't Spoil with Oil
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Year 11 John Gray Recyclers Act to Preserve our Heritage
Lighthouse School joins Hi-Cone Recycling Programme with JGR
Life and Strife of Coral Reefs
Pollution is destroying the world's coral reefs!
Unite and protect our world's coral reefs from destructon!
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Marine Circulation of Garbage
Follow the Coral Code/Don't Spoil with Oil
Cayman Islands' Marine Parks Rules
Summary of Cayman Islands Marine Conservation Laws
Turtle tracking of Cayman Islands' turtles
The Cayman Turtle Farm
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Links to Coral Reef Websites

Follow our link on the fish to find out more information about Coral Reefs.

Follow the Coral Code

Remember don't destroy by sitting in barrel sponges or doing the other destructive things listed below:-

Sponge Damage courtesy of the CI Dept of Environment with many thanks!

-Never stand, sit or rest on living coral. Despite having hard skeletons, part or all of the colony may die from infection if the delicate outer soft tissues are injured.
- If you are diving or snorkelling, and need to steady yourself, use your fingertips on bare rock and leave your gloves behind.
- Don't touch, move or molest animals for amusement or photography.
- When in a boat be watchful of reefs when anchoring. Polaroid sunglasses make it easier to pick out seabed features. Find a sand or rubble patch and then drop anchor.

Anchor Damage courtesy of CI Dept of Environment with many thanks!

Don't Pollute

- One pint of oil can produce an oil slick that will cover one acre (approximately the area of a football field).
- One part of oil per million parts of water (about equivalent to one drop of oil in a filled bathtub) can produce tastes and odours noticeable to humans.
- 35 parts per million can cause a visible oil slick on water and can damage aquatic organisms.
- 50 parts per million can foul water treatment plants and cause equipment damage.
- Oil in landfills can leach into ground water, carrying contaminanats and affecting the odour and taste of the water.
- Plastic, and other garbage thrown in the sea, harms and kills reef life and coral reefs.

Let's unite

Let's protect our environment together!

Follow this link to the Action Atlas and see how in Cayman we have made/and are making provisions to protect our coral reefs. Please also study what is happening to the world's coral reefs!

Don't Pollute

Remember that pollution kills

Follow the links to the Action Atlas to check out if our neighbours' (Jamaica and Cuba) coral reefs are as healthy as ours in Cayman! Cuba - coral reef information

Plastic bag on Turtle.  Picture courtesy of CI Dept of Environment with many thanks!

This turtle was found with a plastic bag attached to it.

Let's keep our turtles and other coral reef dwellers healthy!


Remember don't dump in the sea or you will destroy our environment!