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(The Seacology Foundation help islanders around the world and at the same time they preserve the environment. In Grand Cayman they have given a grant of US$20,000.00 towards the Stephan Jared Ebanks' Youth Centre and Pastor Al Ebanks and the Agape Worship Centre have agreed to preserve an area around the Worship Centre that will become an Urban Park.)

Urban Park of approximately seven acres

Agape Family Worship Centre
George Town, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, British West Indies.

Thank you to our sponsors:
The CIBC Bank and Trust Company Ltd, the Dresdner Bank, and Texaco
Link to Ann Stafford, Lois Blumenthal(NTrust) site
The above picture is a link to the beautiful website of Ann Stafford, Lois Blumenthal and friends of Cayman Wildlife Connection. Both Ann and Lois are helping us with our Park project and we would like to thank them very much for their wonderful support and help.
The John Gray Recyclers, Pastor Al Ebanks, and the Agape Family Worship Centre are creating a Park on the site of the Agape Family Worship Centre in Stephen's memory.
In a derelict marl pit that has not been filled we have found that a beautiful natural eco-system has formed.  There is marshland with stilts, whistling ducks, egrets, moorhens and other water birds.  There is woodland with Annies, and other bird life.  There is an area of flowers where butterflies visit, as well as a beautiful limestone wall around the edge of the quarry.  Some of it has beautiful trees and root systems developed from it whilst other areas show the sheer beauty of the limestone.
On this page we are going to show you some pictures we have taken of this beautiful paradise in the heart of George Town.
As time goes by we will have nature trails for you to follow so that you can view this spectacular scenery.
Children will be able to enjoy the sheer beauty of nature and also attend the Youth Centre and Agape Worship Centre, as well as play outdoor sports and enjoy picnics with their families and friends.
Please keep checking this page to see our updates on this beautiful Park

Stilt birds enjoying the marshland.

A view of the marsh with trees behind.

Edge of the marsh with the casuarinas


Butterfly on flowers

Limestone wall with fig tree

Vegetation on the wall

Root structure on wall

Close-up of vegetation on the wall

Roots and other vegetation on the wall

Trees from the wall - Link to Botanic Park

We hope you enjoyed these pictures of a beautiful oasis in  George Town, Grand Cayman.
Now please follow the picture link above to visit the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park. There you will see more beautiful pictures and find out more about the flora/fauna of the Cayman Islands.