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Academic Years 2001 - 2003

Earth Day School Clean Up 2003 - Some JGRecyclers
2003 School clean-up. Some John Gray Recyclers preparing for the clean-up.Congratulations to Ms Cassandra Ebanks, Assistant Head of Year 11, for organising 70 year 11 students, and eleven Year 11 Tutors to clean-up the school area. Also cleaning the school compound were the John Gray Recyclers,Years 10 and 12, Ms Deborah McLaughlin our Principal and Mr C Bounds, Head of Year 11.

Marine Debris dances forward to cover the waves

Marine Debris chases the Waves in a dance performed at the Harquail Theatre for the Cayman Islands' National Festival of the Arts - 4 April 2003. Jamie Bellafonte and Karen Eden dancing. trained by Shannon McKenzie - Department of Environmental Health

John Gray Recyclers prepare - school yard clean up
 John Gray Recyclers' prepare for school clean up
Earth Day 2002

Ms Ebanks and Mr Bodden with some year 10 students
 School yard clean up - Earth Day 2002
School yard clean up - Earth Day 2002

Ms Ebanks, with 30-year ten students and six teachers, helped the John Gray Recyclers collect 12 bags of garbage from the school campus and around its perimeter.
Year 11 Life Skills learn about Asdan
Mr N King introduces the environmental activities.

Lawren, our Chairperson of the John Gray Recyclers
Lawren encourages Life Skills students to join the John Gray Recyclers with our projects

Mr Nat King is from Birmingham, England.He is busy introducing a new Life Skills programme for our year 11 students. It has already enabled students to go out into the community and work on various projects. Some of the Asdan students, and Mr King and his son Khari, joined us in our North Side Beach Clean Up. Other Asdan students painted school benches for Earth Day. The paint was kindly donated by Vibe.

 Asdan students painting benches for Earth Day
Asdan students painting benches for Earth Day