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Drawn by Immer Carter/Logo Anthony Fraser

 Don't Spoil with Oil - Protect Our Coral Reefs and our lands
Our Logo above was drawn by Immer Carter, and made into a logo by Anthony Fraser, to go with our theme "Don't Spoil with Oil."   We are concentrating on informing people of the importance of safe disposal of oil containers so as not to damage our Coral Reefs or our islands. 
We hope that by looking at our information on oil on our website, that people will act globally to prevent oil contamination of coral reefs and land.

We would like to thank our sponsors - Texaco, CUC (our local utility company) and the Department of Environmental Health.

Waste Oil Information Leaflet


Iggy showing that used oil is shipped from the Cayman Islands for recycling in the United States! (Float Parade 2002)