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JGR Blog - 15 - 19 Sept 2003 - Opening of Stephen Jared Youth Centre
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JGR Blog 22 - 26 Sept 2003 - Tracking our Grand Cayman Sea Turtles
JGR Blog 29 Sept - 3 Oct 2003 - We continue to track our Grand Cayman turtles in Central America
JGR Blog - 19 - 23 October 2003 - the Blue Iguana Programme of the Cayman Islands' National Trust
JGR Blog - 25 October 2003 - Our Rap and our Float in the Pirates' Week Float Parade
JGR Blog - 14 November 2003 - We've got the Baby Blues
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John Gray Recyclers Logo
John Gray Recyclers Logo
July 2005 - Please check out the amazing work done by the Year 11 John Gray Recyclers over two months from September to November 2003. They continued to make a very big impact on their environment locally and globally during 2004 and visited Fiji in July 2004 with the Seacology Foundation to see their Naikorokoro Kindergarten project come to fruition. Unfortunately after Hurricane Ivan devastated Grand Cayman in September 2004 these loyal JGRs were unable to continue at the same level due to the great lack of facilities.
Jeremy Forbes, our President at work with the
John Gray Recyclers on our Online Journal
Although it is now July 2005 we would very much like you to visit this Blog that we created in 2003. Hurricane Ivan devestated the Island of Grand Cayman on 11 & 12 September 2004.  A recovery programme for the endangered Blue Iguanas was started immediately by Fred Burton and more information about our endangered Blue Iguanas can be found at their website
The Year 10 John Gray High School students stayed at Pastor Al Ebanks' Agape Worship Centre on Fairbanks Road for seven months before returning to John Gray High School when the Year 12 students had left for study leave in May 2005. We will be forever grateful to Pastor Al, his wife Sister Kathy, and all the wonderful people who gave us encouragement and support whilst we were at the Agape Worship Centre.
Much work is still going on at the John Gray High School. Students still eat under tents as the Canteen was badly damaged during hurricane Ivan.  The drama classrooms and some PE facilities were inside the canteen building and have been destroyed. Many other classes take place in temporary classrooms.
The Year 10 students have become active members of the John Gray Recyclers and we are now back in Room 27 at John Gray High School. We are looking forward to September 2005 when we can involve the new Year 10s and the Year 12s with our projects.
The John Gray Recyclers who wrote this Journal have been very busy working on academic work once they returned to school after Hurricane Ivan. (Some parts of the Island were without electricity until the middle of December and there are still many people waiting to have their homes repaired.)
The students at the Agape also worked hard to catch up with the work missed and had much shorter breaks. When the students had breaks they spent much time working on their academic work. These talented and hard working students still found time to become John Gray Recyclers and I am very proud of the environmental impact they have made locally and globally in a very short space of time. - Mrs C Whitehead, Co-ordinator John Gray Recyclers
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JGR Blog - 15 - 19 September 2003 - Opening of Stephen Jared Youth Centre

(Added 3 July 2005)