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JGR Blog 22 - 26 Sept 2003 - Tracking our Grand Cayman Sea Turtles

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JGR Blog 22 - 26 Sept 2003 - Tracking our Grand Cayman Sea Turtles
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W E E K L Y  R E V I E W - Monday, 22 September - Friday, 26 September 2003
During breaks and lunch we studied the journeys of Shelby, Samia and Myles, three Grand Cayman turtles (fitted with transmitters to allow them to be tracked) that had nested in Cayman and had now travelled to Guatemala, Nicaragua and Belize respectively.  We also added a page all about their adopted parents, their tagging and their journeys, on our website so that we can all check back on a regular basis and find out where they are.
You can click on the map below and find out more about the turtle tracking project or view it from our webpage on the Cayman Islands Turtle Tracking.

Samia, one of the three tagged turtles, has now
Samia, a tagged Grand Cayman turtle in Nicaragua
travelled from Grand Cayman to Nicaragua.

Our School Executive Committee - We spent most lunch times organising our school executive committee so that we are ready to have a general meeting with new and old Club members on Tuesday of next week.  Melissa (Smith) submitted this for the School Bulletin. Melissa and Shawn word processed a list of new members and Melissa prepared an Agenda for the Meeting.
Fund Raising - We also discussed fund raising and Shakeina (Bush) had some brilliant ideas.
Our Pirates' Week Float - On Tuesday after school, Gary our Director, and Mrs Whitehead went to look at the float at Mr Alvin McLaughlin's house. Alvin has very kindly agreed to loan it to the John Gray Recyclers for the Parade.  They also looked at some of the costumes, at Gary's house, that the John Gray Recyclers are going to 'Recycle' for the float parade.  (Many thanks to Gary's mother!)
On Wednesday, after school, Gary our Director and Mrs Whitehead met with six members of the John Gray Recyclers' Community Group (Lawren, Cheyenne, Colin, Paul, Raegan, and Marlon).  They had lots of ideas for the float and it has been agreed that Raegan would help Gary and Mrs Whitehead with the float organisation.
Club Organisation for 2003 - Jeremy Forbes (our President) and Mrs Whitehead spent sometime on Thursday after school discussing our Organisation for 2003.  It was agreed to have two school Club Directors, Melissa Brown and Melissa Smith, and then to have Club Managers responsible for different project areas.  It was agreed that Cheyenne and Lawren would be the Community Managers and Raegan has accepted the position of Public Relations/Publicity Manager.
Club dues - After a group discussion of the new JGR School Executive Committee, it was decided that members should pay dues to help pay for sundry club needs and Gary made a collection from Chantal, Melissa, Shakeina, Shawn, Mrs Whitehead and of course himself.  It was agreed by the Executive Committee that Gary would collect these dues and act as Club Treasurer in relation to Club dues.

JGR Blog 29 Sept - 3 Oct 2003 - Tracking our Grand Cayman Sea Turtles in Central America