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John Gray Recyclers Organization

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Welcome to the John Gray Recyclers Website!

We are a non profit environmental organization incorporated in the USA.
Our major aim is to preserve our local and global environment, which in turn protects and preserves the world's natural heritage.
The Caribbean Sea
Coral Little Cayman
Please get in touch and join us with our very important environmental projects.
For instance:  Just one large boat with an engine will help the people of YasawaIRara, Fiji, when there is a medical emergency - their doctor is over four miles away, and they have no roads. Their children walk over four miles each way to school every day. They don't want their Island to be purchased by outsiders for tourism. They want to keep their rich heritage, even though living is very tough! Please join us and help them overcome some of their hardships so that they in turn can continue to preserve their rich heritage and environment!

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