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John Gray Recyclers Organization

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MELISSA SMITH - Having been a part of the Recycling Club has fostered and further engrained in me, the desire to assist in keeping the community clean and also with the preservation of the flora and fauna of our Islands; so that our people can experience and appreciate the beauty of our Islands as well as understand the important role they play in the preservation process. What also intrigues me is the opportunity that I have had, not only to help keep my Island clean and preserve a part of my heritage, but to be able to go beyond the borders of the Cayman Islands, reaching people…parents…children, and being able to give them an opportunity to better themselves and the generations to come after them, along with the opportunity to preserve their homes.

MELISSA IS NOW THE PRESIDENT OF THE JOHN GRAY RECYCLERS ORGANIZATION - 2006 - 2007.  After enthusiastically being involved in the Commuunity and in our Naikorokoro Project whilst at the John Gray High School, Melissa is now working at a school in the Community, inspiring students with her enthusiasm for the protection of our environment.  She has started an after school environmental club and is busy plastic six pack holder recycling.

Member Information

We would like to welcome all the new members to our organization. Join us to act locally and globally. We can make a difference!

Members of our Organization are young students at the John Gray High School, young people in the Grand Cayman Community, as well as the USA, Canada and the United Kingdom. The age range of young people in the Organization is from 14-25 but we also have older members who are very interested in helping locally and globally.  You are all welcome to join us with our very special work.

A tricoloured heron at the Agape Park
Above, we marvel at the tricoloured heron at the Agape Park during our World Environment Day Activities.

Recent Events

Find out more about our activities for Earth Day, World Environment Day, and World Ocean Day 2006. We think it is very important to hold events to protect the environment on these very special days, and last year we concentrated on the planting of endemic trees at the Agape Worship Centre, as well as a Clean Up. Oh, yes and we wrote a song! For World Ocean Day we updated our website with the latest Gobal Marine Park information to help preserve our oceans/seas and our heritage. 2006 - The Year 11 John Gray Recyclers did a clean up at Barkers National Park with the Department of Environmental Health, Plastic Six pack holder recycled to help the Community, and people around the globe, sponsored Quincy, a blue iguana, and WON THE YEAR 11 DISNEY CRUISE LINE JIMINY CRICKET ENVIRONMENTALITY CHALLENGE - Summer 2006


Let us know if there are any events or updates you would like to share with fellow members.

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